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A customer recently told us after her Brazilian Wax appointment she felt as though she hadn't booked just a wax appointment, she booked a "Wax Date".

She said we presented a warm, welcoming and clean atmosphere during what could be a very uncomfortable procedure, we were genuinely and sincerely personal, and that she felt she had just made new friends.  All I can say is I'm humbled, thrilled, relieved, and thankful to have met a new friend as well . . .  Thank you!!!

Sometimes we are so busy being busy in the process of presenting our business and ourselves to our customers in a friendly and professional manner, we fail to recognize all of the successes.  If it weren't for these customers, we would not be here, and we appreciate it. We really do!

We are a local small business operating with independent contractors in a business office setting, not a mega salon or spa operating in a retail shopping center or mall.  This gives us the ability to operate conservatively allowing for quality time with our customers.  We are not pressured to herd customers in and out in order to pay for those high dollar retail shopping centers, and we never will be. 

Please feel free to check us out on this web site, read our reviews, and call us if you need any other information.